Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Unshaken Youth and Young Adults Conference?

Unshaken is now Forge Youth Conference, and it is targeted only at High School aged youth. Young adults are encouraged to register for Confident Christianity Conference.

Why the name change?

We are constantly reviewing our topic, format and appeal of our conferences, and are trialing a new format, so felt it needed a fresh name too.

Who can come?

Any and all youth attending High School, or 13-18 year olds, and their youth Pastors and Leaders are eligible to come

Will this be livestreamed?

No, unfortunately with our multi-room format, break out rooms, and many games, worship and activities, the format does not support a livestream

Will it be recorded

The main sessions will be recorded

Is it Catered?

Yes! All catering will be performed by Subway, with Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian options provided. We will also have snacks for morning tea and afternoon break.

Some of these topics are a bit edgy and I am a parent, can I come?

We want to equip young people to deal with common objections to the Christian faith, so that they can stay steadfast in their faith, especially at School, university, and in the workplace, so we do touch on topics that have some contested views. However, we feel these are very orthodox, reflecting the love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus, without compromising on truth. This website contains a thorough blurb explaining each talk, and what the presenters conclusions of their topics are.